The Elite Wrestling Initiative has its own training center located west of Mandan. We call it Purgatory. Built in 2014, Purgatory has seen some of the finest EWI Elite Stars trained over the past 6 years.
Training to be a professional wrestler can be a daunting process. It is definitely not for everyone and that is why we offer everyone a chance to tryout and see for yourself for the one-time fee of $40. We allow you to come in at anytime we run a training session to tryout.

What can I expect on my Tryout?

The tryout training session will be ran as a "day one" training session. You will get to experience everything it takes to kick start your process into becoming a professional wrestler. Afterwards you can evaluate whether or not this industry is for you. If you decide it is for you, PERFECT, we run regular training every Wednesday and Saturday. If it is not, now you know.

But how much will I have to pay?

We have reasonable monthly rates between $80 and $60 per month or we can offer a session by session rate just for you, whatever your budget allows. Here is the best part of the process: the pay rate you agree upon is not just money paid for your trainer's sake, it is a deposit used, in part, towards your first ring gear. So whatever you have paid in, WILL be used to help purchase your first ring gear you will use when you begin wrestling.

But what do I need to bring to training?

  • Training Shoes - Just like gym class in school. Bring a pair of INDOOR only shoes to train in, not necessarily wrestling shoes but they can be beneficial, later on in the training process.
  • Proper attire - shorts or training pants, something you can move around in well, tank tops are fine but you might want to wear something that covers your back when you run ropes, trust me on this one.
  • Water bottle. Although I provide water sometimes, I tend to forget to buy extra water so when we're out, we tend to be out for awhile before I replenish our supply. Sorry guys.
  • If you have asthma or anything like that, don't forget to bring your inhaler. But I'd imagine you already know that much if you are pursuing this if you have that. But you'd be surprised.
  • I.D. - Yes, I am telling you to bring your ID on day one this is for those of you who are recently turned 18 years of age. I only train people who are 18 years old. I need to know you are of age before I begin training you and I am going to want that proof. I'm sure you understand. Thanks guys.
  • Questions - That's right guys if you have questions feel free to ask them when you are present, I can't teach you everything. That is a fact. But I can't answer things if I don't know the questions either and I sure can't point you in the right direction of the questions I can't answer if I don't know the questions either.

What time is training on these days?

That is a very good question. I know it sounds very disorganized, I prefer to think of it as informal. Training used to be set at 5:30pm during the winter months and 6:30pm during the Summer months. However, due to turn around and everyone's ever evolving work schedules our schedule tends to be a fluid at times and we have changed our times once again. We have settled on a new set time of 3pm Wednesdays & Saturdays. Occasionally, we will have a morning session on either of these days which is why we stay in contact with each other for on the spot, instant changes to our schedule or of course cancellations.