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Dream of becoming a professional wrestler? Dream no longer. Make your dream a reality. We have training every Wednesday night at Purgatory, ten miles west of Mandan, ND. Live too far away to make every Wednesday. That’s okay contact us and we will set up a day to work with your distance and schedule. Just fill out the email and tell me where you are living and what your situation may be. Also tell me if you have any kind of athletic background to further help me know what I have to work with. Please serious inquiries ONLY.

Want to be involved in the wrestling business but don’t want to wrestle or can’t for whatever reason. Well, you don’t have to wrestle. We have plenty of jobs that need to be filled at every event so if you want to volunteer, we want you! Go to the bottom of the page to find descriptions of the volunteer positions that need to be filled. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us. When you fill out the email please state what your background is, if any, and what position greatly interests you. Experience is NOT a requirement to volunteer in any position, we can and will provide training upon request.

For all other inquiries please fill out the email fully and state your business and we will reply as soon as we get your message. Thank you for your interest and support of the Elite Wrestling Initiative!


Camera operators

We tape every event we have. As a result, we always need 2 camera positions to be filled. I use 3 camera's: The hard cam, a dolly cam, and a rover cam. The hard cam usually is our stationary camera but ideally I would love to get an operator on that one as well. The dolly cam has wheels on a tripod and is able to freely move about the venue. The rover cam is the most important as we provide live feed to the audience with this camera angle so it is attached to a cable throughout the show. The operator is required to be at ringside and move around the ring to follow the action to the best of their ability. There are not a lot of limits to where you can take this camera.

Computer operator (Tech operator)

This job is to run the computer which runs the entire show. You are responsible for playing the wrestlers entrance video or music, switch from the videos to live feed, and sometimes deal with projectors, soundboards, and microphones.

Merchandise Attendant

You will be responsible for keeping track of the EWI merchandise along with other wrestlers individual merchandise too. You will collect money for sales and keep track of what is sold for inventory purposes.

Ticket taker

Most times this job is combined with the Merchandise Attendant. Your responsibility is to collect ticket stubs from holders, stamp their hand for admission, and sometimes even sell the tickets prior to the doors opening.

Entrance door operator

One of the more often overlooked jobs is the operator for our entrance door. We have a unique set that allows the wrestlers to enter through a sliding door. The door is a little more complicated than a slider but when it is used properly can look very mechanized when it actually is not. A quick rundown with how the door works will be required but trust me when I say it is very simple to figure out once you are shown.

Ring attendant / Time Keeper

Your responsibility is one of the simplest we have. You pick up the items that wrestlers bring out to ringside with them and take them to the backstage area. You constantly keep track of the ring and make sure it looks good for camera. For example make sure the skirting is straightened out or it is fully covering the side of the ring. You will also keep time with a stop watch and ring the bell at the beginning and end of the match.


Obviously there is more to this job than the rest. You will require training for this one and it is best to come to our training sessions at Purgatory on Wednesday nights.