About Elite Wrestling Initiative

It all began back in 2011 when Dakota Pro Wrestling management had differences and closed their doors. Out of the ashes of Dakota Pro Wrestling rose the Elite Wrestling Initiative, inviting three champions to compete in a three-way match to crown the first ever Epic Champion.

The Epic Championship was always meant to be a Champion of Champions title belt. At the end of the first show, held in November of 2011, there was a Champion of Champions crowned in "Daredevl" Derrik Fury. He reigned for 624 days before falling to his own brother, Jonathan Fury. He soon got his revenge at EWI Reprisal III and regained his coveted crown.

The EWI, like all wrestling companies before it, wanted a showcase event in which all stories would lead to the opportunity to put more production value into it. Enter Reprisal. Reprisal was born out of the simple meaning of the word, a word which defines what professional wrestling storylines are all about. However, nobody could have foreseen how big Reprisal would become. In fact, it has lived up to its definition of being the biggest event in EWI. Wrestlers travel from all over the country to be a part of this event and the best matches of the year all come out of Reprisal.

Below you will see title histories of both our number one title, the Epic Championship and our secondary title, the Initiative Championship. You can watch the following matches and see each of the title change matches. The words Vacated are between certain matches, meaning the title was stripped from the champion for one reason or another.

Owen Donovan vs. Animal Sam vs. Derrik Fury

Black Friday - November 25, 2011

Jonathan Fury vs. "Daredevl" Derrik Fury (c)

Meltdown '13 - August 8, 2013

"Daredevl" Derrik Fury vs. Jonathan Fury (c)

Reprisal III - April 12, 2014

Thomas Walton III vs. "Daredevl" Derrik Fury (c) - Ladder Match

Holiday Bash 2015-December 12, 2015

Travis Cole vs. Killa Kaz Karter vs. "Hotshot" Danny Duggan vs. "Daredevl" Derrik Fury

Reprisal V-April 9, 2016


Tw3 vs. Killa Kaz Karter

Hypothermia '13- January 3, 2013

Cory Diamond vs. Killa Kaz Karter (c)

Meltdown '13-August 8, 2013

Killa Kaz Karter vs. Cory Diamond (c)

Last Man Standing Battlebowl 2013-September 21, 2013


Gold Rush Gauntlet

EWI XCL Episode 4 - Friday, August 25, 2017

Kato vs. Leonard Literacy vs. Nick "The Natural" Nelson vs. ACE (c)

EWI Holiday Bash - Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kato vs. Nick "The Natural" Nelson (c)

EWI XCL 9.18 - Friday September 7, 2018


Levi McDaniel vs. Mercer "SageKing" Sage

Holiday Bash 2013-December 21, 2013

Cory Diamond vs. Tommy Octane vs. Johnny Richter vs. Mercer Sage (c)

Fatal 4-way Match
Reprisal III-April 12, 2014


Killa Kaz Karter vs. Mercer "SageKing" Sage

Meltdown '14-August 16, 2014

Leonard Literacy vs. Killa Kaz Karter (c)

Hypothermia '15-January 24, 2015

Cory Diamond vs. Leonard Literacy (c)

Reprisal IV-March 14, 2015


Rock Solid Ross vs. Mercer "SageKing" Sage

Holiday Bash 2015-December 12, 2015


Initiative Championship Gauntlet

Hypothermia '16-February 6, 2016

Nick "The Natural" Nelson vs. "Heartthrob" Jaden Roller (c)

Black Friday 2 - Friday, November 25, 2016

"Heartthrob" Jaden Roller vs. Nick "The Natural" Nelson (c)

Reprisal VI - Saturday, April 1, 2017